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Because Google uses Blogger and I use Google I decided to move this blog from WordPress over to Blogger.


My thesis is finished

My thesis “in-situ TEM probing of nanomaterials” is now finished. In Sweden, a thesis is a comprehensive summary of the included scientific work. The paper versions of the thesis consists of two parts the summary, part one, with the scientific papers, part two, attached into one volume. Here is a link to the comprehensive summary part of the thesis.

In-situ electromechanical resonance of nanowire

New movies on annealing of nanowires

I have put up the annealing nanowire movies at YouTube.

Movie of real time electron diffraction on nanowire annealing.
Movie showing a nanowire straightening out due to electric heating.

Plot of resistance as function of melted particles

This is a plot of the sintering process, resistance as function of melted particles.
The resistance is shown to go up during the process. It’s hard to say anything more about the behavior of the system. But at least due to the resistance increase, some of the current appears to go through the particles, not to surprising perhaps. The final resistance is on the other hand quite low meaning that good conduction still exist after the particles melted away.

Sintering Summary

This is a table summary of the power and voltage settings required for the sintering process. Regarding the physical dimensions of the sample, no correlation to sintering power, or required potential is being found.

File Lenght(nm) Area(nm2) Power(uW) Potential(V)
0116-04 393 80000 100 1.7
0116-05 252 48800 7 0.19
0119-02 585 201500 5 1.5
0119-05 224 76500 20 2.0
0119-13 487 49900 1 1.95
0122-01 411 15100 4 8.04
0122-02 465 38100 0.5 7.0

The area is the occupied space of the sample in the viewing plane. (Gives some estimate on sample size). The length is the probe to probe distance, measured with a mean error of 55nm.

Pre-phase sintering plots…